Llorenç Barber (* 1948) is one of the internationally most renowned contemporary composers in Spain. In his concerts, he stages whole cities musically, by arranging the sounds of church bells and environmental sources „out of the real world“.

He established concepts like „Music out in the Open” oder „Public Art” following the idea to bring music from schools and academies to places accessible by a larger audience and a broader public. In these broader contexts sound shall develop further, as an autonomous element. All these aspects Llorenç Barber will discuss in his lecture on Friday, April 28th in the Stadtbücherei in Thom-Dittmer-Palais.

[ In cooperation with CinEScultura and Stadtbücherei Regensburg ]

Lecture by Llorenç Barber on April 28th in the Stadtbücherei at Haidplatz