Auch Musik is a project created in 2015 in Regensburg dedicated to introduce electronic music to the general public. Since the second half of the twentieth century, many composers use electronic music as a medium to develop new musical aesthetics that have profoundly changed the way we perceive and understand music, representing an important part of our musical heritage.

However, a lot of electronic music cannot reach the general public as it demands specific devices and computer programs that are generally not available in private houses and many music halls. These limitations are specially evident when the pieces include sound spatialization or real time performances.At the same time, many electronic music concerts or festivals are dedicated to promote new works of contemporary composers, while the opportunity to hear the masterpieces of the past is very rare and mostly reserved for academic audiences.

Therefore, our purpose is to facilitate the technical and technological demands to perform all types of electronic pieces, especially those including sound spatialization and real time, and to present to a general public the most relevant electronic compositions from the past to the present in the form of a musical festival. Regensburg, as a growing university town and center of technological cluster efforts, provides a promising location for this endeavor, with an
open-minded public and a rich but not oversaturated cultural life. In this extremely attractive context, New Music in general and electronic music in particular is surprisingly a blank spot yet to be filled.